Objecting to the April 2018 planning application

If you value the Henry Jenkins as a community Pub and Hub, then please object to this planning application as it not only is against the community and government wishes, but an acceptance of the splitting of the Pub and change of use could set a precedent that could be used for a number of Pubs and loc shops throughout the whole of the UK to develop valuable community village pubs and shops.

You can read a summary of t the planning application on this website at http://thehenryjenkins.com/events/april-2018-planning-application/

A direct link to the planning application at Harrogate Borough council is – https://uniformonline.harrogate.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=summary&keyVal=P5KQQPHY08L00

You can view documents about it and register and leave an objection on that site.
You can read more about the efforts by the landowner to get around community wished and locl and national government policy in our “Timeline of Events”
Page – http://thehenryjenkins.com/resources/timeline-of-events/

You can also look at the past planning application and a report on its anonymous refusal –

And the report by the government inspector who dismissed an appeal by the landowner –

Both of these results established the community value of the Henry Jenkins as it stands and has been used in its entirety for a Pub and Pub storeroom from the early 70’s.

(The Pub section is much older, being used in the village for over 200 years).

Besides citing the past rejected planning application and dismissed appeal and the reports from them establishing the community value of the whole Henry Jenkins site, we suggest that you also look at the following planning framework document set by the government and Harrogate Borough Council.

National Planning Policy Framework

The section 8 “Promoting healthy communities” with the two subsections, 69 and 70 are both directly relevant in this case as they are about keeping properties of community value.

And the section 3. “Supporting a prosperous rural economy” Subsection 28 is also directly relevant to this case being in a rural and recreation area (The Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty).

It is also important to have a look at the Harrogate Borough Council planning policy for communities:

Policy CFX

Criterion C is the main section in this policy that is directly affected by this planning application.

Please spend a bit of time getting familiar with the case if you would like to see this planning application rejected and allow the Henry Jenkins Community Cooperative to keep on with plans to purchase the Pub in its entirety and refurbish it to a vibrant local community Hub with services for the clola community and also for visitors and tourist to this stunning area.