Objections still able to be lodged

Good News: Harrogate Borough Council planning officers have confirmed that the planning application for demolition of the Henry Jenkins will not now be heard on Tuesday, October 25th, as originally planned. The earliest possible date for a decision is now Thursday, November 3rd.

This leaves more time for representations from people in the village: It has been confirmed that comments made after the original deadline of Friday, October 14th, will now be considered. Comments can be made via HBC’s website Click on the red “Public Access” button, then enter “Henry Jenkins” in the search field. If you are not registered you will need to do so. Alternatively, you can send comments by email to:

Planning now by committee, not planning officers

Following renewed interest in this matter and lobbying of Council representative by Richard Sadler, this matter will now be decided by the planning committee and not by planning officers under delegated powers.
This means it is being taken more seriously. Well done!
Currently the decision on the development application is to be made on 25th October or it may be delayed until 3 November.

Objections to Henry Jenkins Development

* A total of 30 objections to plans for the demolition of the Henry Jenkins have been registered on Harrogate Borough Council’s web site … in the space of two days! This does not include additional letters of objection sent by email. There are no comments in support of the application.

* Richard Sadler is now collecting names for the nomination of the Henry Jenkins as an Asset of Community Value. Once a nomination application is received,  Harrogate Borough Council is legally obliged to consider it.

* Harrogate Borough Council is yet to confirm when this application will be considered by the Planning Committee… we will keep you posted.