Henry Jenkins put forward as “Asset of Community Value”

The Henry Jenkins has this week been put forward as an “Asset of Community Value.” If accepted, this would prevent the owner from selling it until community groups have been given the chance to put together a bid.

If Harrogate Borough Council decide the criteria have been met, they will list the Henry Jenkins as an Asset of Community Value (ACV) within eight weeks. Once a pub is listed, the owner must respect an “interim moratorium” period to allow community groups to register an interest as potential bidders. If an interest is registered, a “full moratorium” is granted – preventing the pub from being sold for a further six months. This gives time for local people to look in detail at the practicalities/ feasibility of making an offer to buy the pub as a community.

A formal ACV nomination, supported by the required 21 people from the parish, was submitted to the council on Monday. The full text of the nomination can be obtained here.

It notes that like many other villages in rural areas, Kirkby Malzeard it has suffered from a gradual loss of amenities – while at the same time its population has expanded.

It asserts:

  • That the Henry Jenkins has been vital to the social fabric of the village for centuries.
  • That its closure has been compounded by the loss of the Drovers Inn (the last remaining pub in Dallowgill/ Laverton), the sub post office, Roselea Tearooms and Cowscot House bed & breakfast.
  • That despite the continuing success of the Queens Head (an important asset in its own right) , the closure of the Henry Jenkins has restricted opportunities for people to go out, mix and socialise. This in turn has made it more difficult to keep clubs and societies going.
  • That prospective buyers with a genuine interest in revitalising the Henry Jenkins as a pub/ restaurant have been turned away.
  • That a revitalised Henry Jenkins could still be viable – either as a private commercial business or as a community venture. This could bring back some of the other lost community facilities – eg a post office or tea room – under one roof.

It lists 28 community groups and organisations who made use of the Henry Jenkins before it was closed in 2012.

Among them are:

Kirkby Malzeard Folk Club
Until the Henry Jenkins’ closure, the folk club used to meet in the restaurant area on the first Monday of every month, attracting 15-20 musicians and singers from Kirkby Malzeard and surrounding villages.

The Henry Jenkins Pub Quiz
This used to be held every Tuesday night and regularly attracted 30-50 players, with teams sitting at tables across both the public and lounge bars.

Kirkby Malzeard Players
Between 20 and 30 members of the cast and production team would meet for drinks/ socialising in the Henry Jenkins after rehearsals and performances of the Christmas Pantomime from October- March. Also after rehearsals/ performances of occasional plays staged during early summer.

St Andrew’s Church Sunday School
Between 8 and 9 committee members held meetings in Henry Jenkins once a month to organise rotas and events. Once a year they also attended a sandwich lunch before the annual trip to Christmas pantomime in York.

Friends of Kirkby Malzeard School
Met at the Henry Jenkins ten times a years to organise fund-raising activities. Over the years the group has raised many thousands of pounds to supplement the school’s income.

Kirkby Malzeard Snooker and Billiard Club
Every Tuesday evening (snooker) and Wednesday evening (billiards) up to 20 players from the home and away teams used to meet in the Henry Jenkins after matches at the Mechanics.

Highside Longsword Dancers
The Highside Longsword Dancers, originators of the internationally famous “Kirkby Malzeard Longsword Dance” performed their first-ever dance outside the Henry Jenkins in 1987. From then onwards they performed inside and outside the pub every Boxing Day until the pub was closed in 2012.

Highside Singers
A small party from choir of around 30 used to meet in the Henry Jenkins after rehearsals

Kirkby Malzeard Cricket Club
Home and away teams met up for drinks and supper at the Henry Jenkins and the Queens Head after alternate home match fixtures.

Kirkby Malzeard Method Chapel Lunch Club
A small group of women living alone used to meet up most Sundays for Sunday lunch

St Andrews Church Sunday School Meetings
held once a month in Henry Jenkins to organise rotas and events

St Andrews Church Bellringers
Met in the Henry Jenkins every Thursday after bell-ringing practice.

Kirkby Malzeard Parochial Church Council
Used to meet in the Mechanics, then retire to the Henry Jenkins for drinks/ socialising

More than 50 objections lodged against Planning Application

More than 50 people have so far lodged formal objections to plans for the demolition of the Henry Jenkins and redevelopment of the site with housing.

To help raise public awareness, volunteers have this week begun distributing leaflets to hundreds of households in and around Kirkby Malzeard, Laverton and Dallowgill. Residents are being urged to register their comments before the demolition application goes to Harrogate Borough council’s Planning Committee.

Those who have objected so far highlight the fact that the pub has been allowed to deteriorate by the present owner – and doubts about whether he had any intention of selling it as a pub. There is also now indisputable evidence that at least two prospective buyers with genuine plans to invest in the revitalisation of the Henry Jenkins have been put off. In one case an offer that was substantially above the advertised asking price was still refused.

Those wishing to object can do so online by visiting Click on “Find a Planning Application,” then the red “Public Access” button. Enter “Henry Jenkins” in the search box. Click on the planning application and then “Comments.” You will need to register your address and email.

Alternatively you can send an email, giving your full name, address and postcode, to Or you can write to Planning Department, Harrogate Borough Council, Crescent Gardens, Harrogate, HG1 2SG.

You can also sign the petition on display in the Butchers Shop, Kirkby Motors and the village shop.

Here is a selection of some of the objectors’ comments made so far:

“With us being an AONB, I believe the appearance of the Main Street should be kept as it is and that the Henry Jenkins should be used for the community and not for personal gain.”

“The Henry Jenkins is one of the oldest buildings in the village and part of its cultural and historical heritage. Without it the village will be poorer.”

“This building, of great significance for years to the residents of Kirkby Malzeard, has been deliberately deteriorated for the purposes of profit with no consideration of its worth to the village.”

“This development would mean the permanent loss of a community amenity in the centre of the village. The pub was once run successfully but the current owner appears to have decided to run it down”

“The potential options for use of the pub for community use, potential village income from tourists and generally encourage the community are great and have not been fully explored.”

“We cannot permit a precedent to be set within this AONB to allow the decline of a historically valued building, purely for the financial gain it may proffer once demolished.”

“There has been a lot of interest in retaining the existing building for public use. However this appears to be constantly rejected for short term gain and long term loss of an important village resource.”

“The Henry Jenkins was, and could be again, a great asset to the village. As a mother of young children, I’d love to see it brought back into use as a family pub.”

Decision on demolition delayed again

A decision on whether to allow plans to demolish the Henry Jenkins is to be delayed further – because of a lack of information on efforts made to sell it as a pub.

Harrogate Borough Council have confirmed that they are still waiting for a response to a request for information on how the pub was advertised and marketed. Because of the delay the application cannot be prepared in time for the Planning Committee on November 3rd. The next scheduled meeting of the Committee is Tuesday, November 22nd.

In the meantime opposition has been growing in the village to the plan, which would allow the demolition of the centuries-old Henry Jenkins building and redevelopment of the site with new housing.

The number of people who have registered objections online has now risen to 45 – and signatures are being collected for a public petition to “Save the Henry Jenkins.”

* Copies of the petition are available to sign at local shops. Those wishing to object online can do so via HBC’s website –

Click on the red “Public Access” button, then enter “Henry Jenkins” in the search field. If you are not registered you will need to do so. Alternatively, you can email or write a letter to Planning Department, Harrogate Borough Council, Crescent Gardens, Harrogate, HG1 2SG

Petition Launched

A petition has been launched calling on Harrogate Borough Council’s planning committee to refuse permission for the demolition of the historic Henry Jenkins building.

Volunteers have begun collecting signatures and Tim at Highside Butchers has agreed to display the petition at his shop. Anyone signing the petition is also being encouraged to make a separate individual objection saying why they’re against the plan.
Comments can be made via HBC’s website –
Click on the red “Public Access” button, then enter “Henry Jenkins” in the search field. If you are not registered you will need to do so. Alternatively, you can email or write a letter to Planning Department, Harrogate Borough Council, Crescent Gardens, Harrogate, HG1 2SG

Objections still able to be lodged

Good News: Harrogate Borough Council planning officers have confirmed that the planning application for demolition of the Henry Jenkins will not now be heard on Tuesday, October 25th, as originally planned. The earliest possible date for a decision is now Thursday, November 3rd.

This leaves more time for representations from people in the village: It has been confirmed that comments made after the original deadline of Friday, October 14th, will now be considered. Comments can be made via HBC’s website Click on the red “Public Access” button, then enter “Henry Jenkins” in the search field. If you are not registered you will need to do so. Alternatively, you can send comments by email to:

Planning now by committee, not planning officers

Following renewed interest in this matter and lobbying of Council representative by Richard Sadler, this matter will now be decided by the planning committee and not by planning officers under delegated powers.
This means it is being taken more seriously. Well done!
Currently the decision on the development application is to be made on 25th October or it may be delayed until 3 November.

Objections to Henry Jenkins Development

* A total of 30 objections to plans for the demolition of the Henry Jenkins have been registered on Harrogate Borough Council’s web site … in the space of two days! This does not include additional letters of objection sent by email. There are no comments in support of the application.

* Richard Sadler is now collecting names for the nomination of the Henry Jenkins as an Asset of Community Value. Once a nomination application is received,  Harrogate Borough Council is legally obliged to consider it.

* Harrogate Borough Council is yet to confirm when this application will be considered by the Planning Committee… we will keep you posted.