November 15, 2018


It is November 2018 and we are now presenting our objections for the third planning application on the Henry Jenkins in the last 2 years.
In that time we have also had three Asset of Community Value (ACV) nominations and are about to submit our fourth.
We have had to fight off a change of use to a estate office and had to present our case for a planning appeal and also an ACV review.

And now we are looking at a Pub that has a landlocked section which includes the car park,  sold by the developer to a colleague with restrictive covenants on it that prevents is being used as a Pub and also an ACV review on the remainder!

It is a simple battle between an out of town property developer who aims to profit from developing the Pub into houses and a community group that sees the Henry Jenkins serving the community for generations to come.

How did it come to this?