April 2018 Planning Application

A new planning application has been made to the Harrogate Borough Council to convert part of the Henry Jenkins Inn into a dwelling.
The new planning application accompanies the splitting of the property and selling of one part to a new owner.

You can view the planning application on the Council site at – https://uniformonline.harrogate.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=externalDocuments&keyVal=P5KQQPHY08L00

This planning application news, and the news of the selling of a portion of the Henry Jenkins Inn is disappointing and shows the uncooperative manner of the present owner towards the community interest , particularly considering the fully funded bid being available for purchase at the Market value for the full property by The Henry Jenkins Community Cooperative.

This new planning application has been made despite the original planning application being unanimously rejected by the planning committee and an appeal also being rejected for that planning decision.

If this application to split the property and establish a dwelling is approved, then is sets a dangerous precedent for all communities around the UK who are fighting development of their local establishment.

Objections to the planning decisions can be made online at the link above up to the 18th May.

We have set up a special page with links to relevant information and reasons for objecting on our Objecting to the April 2018 planning application page.

Plan of the property showing where the ares the planning application applies to


















Photograph showing the portion of the Henry Jenkins affected by the application