November 15, 2018



Our proposal is that we purchase the Henry Jenkins Pub through a community share issue and other funding means, refurbish it, and convert it to a community pub.

With its central village location, large ground and first floor space and spacious rear south-facing parking and garden area, the site is ideally located for use by local residents, but it will also be attractive to people from nearby towns and villages and tourists/visitors to the area.

Our ultimate vision is to own and develop the whole site into a community pub and hub. We believe that this gives us the greatest opportunity to develop a community asset we can all be proud of.
However, following the sale of the Eastern Annexe and its delisting from the ACV register, our plan would be to acquire the part of the building currently for sale, and also negotiate to acquire the Eastern Annexe.

This depends on how much of the building we are able to acquire. Acquisition of the Western half only allows us to build a rear extension and develop a community pub/restaurant with rear garden, different from that offered by the Queens, that gives choice to the residents of our community, as outlined in our Business Plan.

Acquisition of the whole site means the extension is not required, and additional facilities can be provided – a rear car park, B&B letting rooms, a meeting room for events and presentations, and any other community facilities that the Members of the Society agree on.
The more Members we have, and the more shares we sell, the more likely it is that we can acquire the whole site and the more facilities we can all enjoy.

The main custom would be drawn from the local community, although we would also expect visitors from nearby towns and villages. Located within an “Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty”, we would aim to attract walkers, cyclists, climbers, and other outdoor enthusiasts with the B & B and the food and drinks area in the pub.

The Hub services will also be designed to cater for local young persons and socially isolated older persons.

Being a community asset, owned by the shareholders of the Community Benefit Society, the Henry Jenkins will belong to us and our children in perpetuity! Members can in the future add and change facilities according to the needs and wishes of local residents.

Please help us realise this dream by joining as a Member – today!